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It is a homeopathic remedy simulator which can make simple and complex homeopathic remedies from rates provided with the instrument, using lactose pills or alcohol/water liquid.

It can produce radionics frequencies which can be broadcast through the instrument to any patient anywhere in the world, using a blood or hair sample as “witness”.

Can diagnose, analyze and prescribe remedies.

Comes supplied with thousands of frequencies, for organs, tissues, muscles, bones, remedies, homeopathic remedies and psychological and mental conditions.

The 20 regulators can be tuned to one or more remedies simultaneously, to target specific areas and conditions of the body.

There are thousands of homoeopathic remedies, and you can create your own complex remedies.

There are 12 levels of operation ranging from the physical through mental, emotional, all the way up to cosmic energy levels.

Any of these levels may be tested for best function by means of dials, and set to balance energy as required.

It has an inbuilt electronic card system for storage of patient details or remedies: these cards are re-writeable.


Four built in memories

Potencies available: X or D, C, M, MM (1X to 999,999MM).

The LM potencies of Dr. S. Hahnemann (1:50,000).

Cup capacity 100 ml.

4 external ports to connect external accessories.

Mains Voltage 110 Volt/220 Volt.

Accessories supplied – Pendulum, scanner, hand electrode, 15 ECS cards, 50 witness envelopes.

Measurements:- 37 x 34 x 10 cm

This instrument is fully equipped for traveling. With its 20 Regulators allows you to create Radionics and homeopathic remedies to any potency, perform analysis, diagnosis, therapy and broadcast.

Besides being a highly equipped instrument, it has the ability to work on batteries, without requiring an AC jack to operate it.

The design is made like Briefcase, has all the facilities to transport it safely and conveniently.

User manual and rate books included (remedy rates and organ, virus, fungi etc.)


1. The instrument is capable of making radionics and homeopathic remedies in any potency required (from 1X to 999,999MM). It can copy any remedy by use of the energy rate supplied with the instrument. The COPY and IMPRINT buttons will produce remedies in a matter of seconds, a real boon for a busy practitioner, from either the original remedy or from its frequency in the manual supplied.

2. It offers diagnostic, analytic and radionics broadcast facilities. 

3. Simple and complex remedies can be quickly made, and, if necessary, stored either on the ECS card or in the memory of the instrument.

4. The manual contains thousands of frequencies, including human anatomy, tumours, parasites, fungi, bacteria, toxins, allergies, nosodes, vitamins, energy, chakras, aura, minerals, colour therapies, Bach flowers, and California flowers.

5. It is possible to carry out biophysical tests with the instrument, measuring the variation between the current state of the patient and the healthy state. It can be used with equal success on humans, animals and plants. The energy level of the patient can be measured on the instrument before there is any physical manifestation, enabling energy treatments to be given before the condition becomes apparent and before it can take hold of the patient’s system.

6. The instrument is light and fully portable, extending it’s scope. It comes with a strong carry case and detachable lid.


User manual, Books of frequencies (Body parts, viruses, mental conditions, emotions, homeopathic, Bach flowers, colour remedies etc). Pendulum. Scanner (For full analysis). Hand electrode. 15 ECS cards. 50 witness envelopes. All necessary cables for your mains supply.

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Evolution MXLC

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