• Yantra

The Yantra instrument is the newest Homoeonic instrument focused on the creation of homoeopathic remedies.

It has all the internal/external tools to carry out its processes in a complete way, such as:
Carry out the analysis of a patient.

 Develop homoeopathic remedies from the use of a sample, or through an existing rate in the software.
 Perform remote therapies through the use of some remedy, rate or diagnosis.
 Perform colour therapies by using rates associated with the colours and localized treatment at energy points of the human body.
 Manage patients with a kind of file or internal profile included in the software that is very easy to access.
Ability to export results in PDF document format for easy access and convenience.

In addition, the Yantra instrument has the capacity to be used through the use of software: Homoeonic Software V4 or V5.

Which gives you the possibility of being diagnosed with more than 23,000 rates associated with symptoms and diseases as well as organs and systems of the human body, plus you will have access to be treated with some of the more than 7000 homoeopathic remedies included in any of the software.

The design of the Yantra instrument is compact: a height of 4 cm, a diameter of 12 cm and a star shape of 9 tips provide you with enough space to perform all the main functions you can handle, without a need for glasses or use of electromagnetic cards, since it has a sensor inside and has the capacity to store, eliminating the need for cards.

Due to its capacity and size, the Yantra can operate in one uniqueness one process at a time.

How does it work?

You place the sample to be diagnosed on the surface of the 9 points above the logo, carry out the desired action and you are ready, you introduce the information to the program, which will then allow you to extract it according to your needs.
Whether you want to make a copy, a diagnosis or a remedy, the indicator LED will show you when the process is taking place.

How is this possible due to its small size?
The Yantra is a small instrument, but it does not mean that it is not capable of precise operations, since it has an internal coil which joins a next-generation controller that will allow it to carry out all its processes and capabilities


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