Radionics Computerized software specially developed to do a quick and effective analysis, also broadcast to do electronic homeopathy and manufacture all type of remedies.

This computerized program must be connected to our equipment Evolution-MXD, MXP, MXLC and MXMC.

Our computerized system has a friendly environment and it is easy to work with, therefore any therapist with the basic knowledge of computers is able to use this program without troubles. 

The patient information database is well done because it is based on the Mexican official norm 168 of the clinical file, all these data are stored in the program and are available for a view.

Scanning the sample of the patient the system obtains automatically the personal general frequency.

With this program you have the possibility of broadcasting; it means that you are able to broadcast any frequency or therapy to any patient to any place of the word.

And not only to one patient! You can broadcast all the patients you need in different schedules.

The frequencies database is distributed in categories and this is not all, also you can create your own categories and subcategories without limit.

You can add more new frequencies to any categories subcategory. Also, a search engine is available to find out any rate quickly.

You are able to store infinity of remedies and formulate, also you are able to store them with the name and order that you want.

You can add any potency to remedies, complex remedy, formulae, analysis etc. from X, C, M, LM, to MM.

This software is capable to obtain the similimum with the witness sample and codifies and store it and be available for therapies or remedies.

Thousands of you frequencies are available in this system for its immediate use, like:

  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Flowers of Bach
  • Flowers of California
  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Diseases
  • Pathologies
  • Human anatomy
  • Organs
  • Aura
  • Chakras
  • And much more…

Homoeonic software

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