• Homoeonic All-in-One

With the new Homoeonic All-in-one, you don't need a patient sample. You only need to lay down the patient between the two antennas and perform the analysis. That's all!

This super technology will help you create remedies in a new vibration way by using a matrix called "Brain". Which concentrates all codes required to create a dynamic energy environment, for that reason, all the energy waves will help you improve the sensibility, diagnostic, remedies, treatments and the long distance treatment in your patients.

Also, the self-integrated antennas of the Homoeonic All-in-one will intensify all the information generated by our HS4 software, this means, that a bunch of frequencies can be transmitted directly from the software to the antennas, and from the antennas to the energy field of the patient.

Last but not least, this product includes a radionics software specially developed to make a quick and fast analysis

Homoeonic All-in-One

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