Homoeonic Compliance Enforcement.

Due to the recent news, the defamation in regards to our instruments and services done in behalf of Bruce Copen Laboratories Germany is certainly regrettable.

From a while back to this day, it is clear and without a doubt that there exists a lot of unnecessary envy focused on our instruments as being an alternative to the brands that had been established before us, recurring to discrediting and wrongly classifying our brand when we are most professional and among the best in the market.

Days ago, Bruce Copen Germany announced that we produced “replicas” of the MARS III through their representative in the United States by the Facebook account name of "Ulysses Sheretov", even when we hold no association with this company what so ever, and it is clear that it is another attempt to take away the prestige and denigrate the honest work of our qualified engineers and technicians as well as cataloguing the efforts of Mexicans in a xenophobic manner, associating low quality or replicas with México; this action is truly indignant and insulting.

We did not expect this from a respectable company such as Bruce Copen Laboratories Germany or from their affiliate: what a low level and vile act these men are committing. We recommend them to promote and distribute their products with those whom may need it, since there are a lot of people that currently need help.

From some time ago we have attempted to communicate with them, but now it seems like Bruce Copen Laboratories Germany is a Chinese-Germanic company by means of one of their affiliates “BioStar”; we don’t know whether to communicate with them or with someone else, because apparently Germany is no longer the main one.
We have already proceeded to state our complaints to Bruce Copen Laboratories Germany to give this matter a follow up and clear out this situation, as well as preparing ourselves with our lawyers because we will not allow this defamation in any way and by no means.