Fraud Alert

Unfortunately, Bruce Copen Laboratories continues to defame our company and our products. It is dreadful that such a well-known company carry such low actions of this kind. One would think that because they are enterprise people they would have a certain reputation, but in the end they are as false as the greatest falsehood. They are obviously jealous about our commitment and professionalism with our clients and with whomever wants to get to know us.

For many years, Homoeonic has produced and distributed devices to other brands due to our wide and versatile workforce and our instruments of excellent quality. This is probably the reason of the entire envy and grudge that aforementioned company is holding against us, because if any of what they say is true then we would have been formally sued.

Our products are so well-off that even Barry Craft of Copenlabs contacted us years back so that we assembled their products and we have provided proof of this already: back then Mr. Craft commented that his products weren't produced in England for reasons that we know not about.

These Bruce Copen Labs and Ltd talk about Mexico as if by the sole reason of being Mexican we were stupid or morons; these people are so off and ignorant that they don't know that in Mexico the grandest and most wonderful pyramids are constructed. It's important to understand that in order to build these pyramids advanced technology was used that these ignorant men will not even be able to fathom in their dreams:

  • The Pyramids of Tehotihuacan,
  • The Pyramids of Chichen Itza
  • The Archeological Zone of Uxmal
  • The Archeological Zone of Tulum
  • Palenque...
  • The Pyramids of Tajín,
  • The Pyramids of Calakmul,

Just to name a few. How dare these ignorant people use defamation with no proof at all. Were they the ones who made such wonderful constructs like the pyramidal structures in Mexico? Not at all! It was our ancestors and it is our proudly heritage; if we have this capacity, then surely we have the creative capabilities to provide great products that benefit the entire world.