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The Homoeonic Quantum Software is specially developed to run a quick and effective analysis by detecting the energetic imbalances of a subject at the 12 energetic levels in just a couple of seconds, and getting amazing results by re-establishing the balanced state of the morphogenetic field and improving the health of your subjects. It also allows you to reproduce electronic homeopathic remedies at any desired potency.

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Homoeonic Software 5 is specially developed to make a quick and effective analysis by detecting the imbalances of a body at the 12 available energetic levels, just in a couple of seconds and getting amazing results.

By re-establishing the energetic field and improving the health of your patients. It also allows you to reproduce electronic homeopathic remedies at any desired potency.

This software must be connected to our Mantra instrument. This software includes the new Mantra instrument at a single price.

Our system has a friendly environment and it is easy to work with, therefore, any therapist with a basic knowledge of computers will be able to use it without a problem. 

By diagnosing the sample of the patient the system obtains automatically the personal general frequency.

With this program you have the possibility of broadcasting; it means that you are able to broadcast any frequency or therapy to any patient to any place of the world.

And not only to one patient! You can broadcast to all the patients you need in different schedules.

  • The database is segmented in categories and that's not all, also you can create your own categories and subcategories without limits.
  • You can add new frequencies to any category or subcategory. Also, a search engine is available to find any rate quickly.
  • You are able to store into the system any homeopathic remedy and formula that you may already have.
  • You can add any potency to remedies, complex remedy, formula, analysis, etc. from X, C, M, LM, to MM.
  • This software is able to obtain the similimum with the witness sample and store it for it to be available for therapies or remedies.

The Homoeonic Quantum Software was developed in 2019 and exclusively works with the Montra instrument and is supported by Windows 10.

The Patient's tab allows for a simple yet complete way of organizing information about the subjects you will perform diagnoses upon or create treatments for and is highly recommended for professionals with an extensive patient list and a busy daily schedule.

In the Diagnosis tab, you have a whole set of Advanced Tools that give you the ability to Produce Reports as well as selectively run your own general as well as specialized protocols.

Quickly Search between hundreds of formulas at your disposal in the Remedies Tab or easily create your own, and also take advantage of the advanced homeopathic potencies available.

The Chromotherapy tab lets you manually choose and direct color rates to all of the parts of the human body in our simple diagram, and now integrates an amazing Auto-Chromo-Diagnosis to quickly determine where and which colors to use, after which you can save for later broadcast.

Adding new sample-based frequencies to the system is fairly simple in the Categories tab as well as the ability to organize the categories to fit your daily treatment or diagnoses needs, and with over 25 thousand rates to choose from the search bar filters out matches in seconds.

The Broadcasting features of the software allow for multiple simple or periodic distance treatment sessions to simultaneously run, and you also benefit from programming future scheduled sessions at the click of a button. You may also produce reports of the broadcasting sessions while active.

All of these benefits and more can be fully enjoyed when you acquire a professional system like the Homoeonic Quantum Software. For further information call us, or send us an email.

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