Introducing The New Homoeonic Software V5!

The most popular and capable homeopathic software in the market is now available with a modern design, technology and a new back-end only compatible with new generation Homoeonic instruments.

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New Patients Module

The system allows you to manage your client portfolio professionally and securely, it has a great capacity to store all patient data, also lets you add images or/and multiple photos, information on diseases, data on its evolution as a clinical record, different addresses, etc.

It has a strong database that allows you to create backups in case you need to use different computers

All patients, performed tests and even remedies or therapies that you design will be stored and managed automatically in the system, enabling better control, monitoring and access to information generated by the analysis and treatment.

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New Categories Module

The system has more than 26,000 rates divided into categories and sub-categories, you can add more rates to the categories already created or even create your own categories.

All these rates are available for use, among which are:

  • Emotions
  • Toxins
  • Pathologies
  • Aura and Chakras
  • Human Body Systems (Glandular, Nervous, Lymphatic)
  • Bach Flowers
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Acupunture
  • Organs
  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Diseases and Symptoms
  • and much more...

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New Diagnostics Module

With this wide database, you can perform a complete and thorough analysis, can generate different analysis without fear of losing them because all the processes that you make in the system are stored to be revised, edited or to create remedies from them.

You can perform analysis on 12 different levels: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual 1, Spiritual 2, Spiritual 3, Spiritual 4, etc. In addition, the system offers the option to make an automatic level analysis, it also suggests you what other levels may be related thanks to its "Suggested Levels Function".

Once the analysis is complete, you will have the opportunity to review the results, select the rates to be considered for a treatment and if necessary send a rate to the instrument for manual measuring of the imbalance value.

At the same time, once you have finished the selection the system will be able to create a remedy, save rates to ECS Cards, give direct treatment, broadcasting and even being able to print the results for a clinical history or to be delivered to the patient.

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New Remedies Module

With our program, you can create simple or complex remedies, combine different remedies, analysis, and even color therapies into a single remedy, store it in the database and a variety of possibilities.

It's possible to provide "Direct Treatment" to the patient while you perform other tasks within the system, "Imprint" the remedy in a carrier, duplicate remedies, save remedies into ECS Cards or in custom folders inside of the database.

It's also possible to potentiate these remedies and formulas from traditional methods such as X, C, M, LM, MM, to the super powers * ranging from millions to Quindecillon (ML 106 - QTDCL 1090).

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New Color Therapy Module

The color therapy is an option where you have the chance to transmit color frequencies to specific locations of the Human Body.

The system has more than 60 rates of color and light, these rates can be associated with more than 240 different locations for the human body creating something that we called Combinated rates giving you the possibility of treating the body according to the gender, either male or female, divided into front and back sections with their individual and specific properties.

Color Therapy is a tool that promotes harmonization and natural/self-healing. This is because each color has an own vibration, amplitude, and wavelength different.

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Broadcasting Module

With our system, you are able to provide broadcast treatment, that is, from your computer/instrument you can transmit the frequencies of a therapy to his patient wherever he is localted.

The treatment is based on physical principles, these principles tell us that "each and every one of the elements that form a single body is involved, and creating the energy field (electromagnetic) of the same.

You will have the possibility to schedule therapy time or even tell the system whether to provide treatment to the patient, indicate the duration of therapy, the frequency and for how many days have to treat the patient; the system carries out all tasks automatically.

Not just a patient, you can broadcast to multiple patients simultaneously and even schedule therapies per day duration, or repetition as needed.

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Hardware Compatible

The software runs on the new Mantra series and can run in the old one but will require a firmware upgrade feel free to ask for it (A possible cost could apply if you need to send us your instrument or we need to access it thru Remote services).

New Features & Advantages

Automatic and Pro-Analysis

Selecting the rates and selecting the type of results is as easy as ever. Now, with an additional PRO Analysis that suggests what levels to apply them too

Faster Response Time

Compared to previous versions, this new versions’ response time is incredibly fast and efficient. Booting-up takes less time making the communication between Instrument and Software reliable.

Windows 10 - 64 Bit Compatible

Built for the most used Operating System in the world and ready for any modifications needed to be up-to-date for any updates.

QRC Creator for quick remedy transfers

This added function will set the bridge for the near future compatibility with Homoeonic Smart-Pendants

New Database and More Rates

Our New Database is destined to bring forth a more structured search and ready for any updates to come. New rates added to the database by users from around the world.

Familiar User-Friendly Interface

We kept a familiar look and feel of previous versions. Now with a simpler view, and style for the zeitgeist of application design, will surely remain easy to use..