This pair of amplifiers is very effective for patients who urgently need to reactivate their cells. It is a tool that has been used by different therapists who’ve obtained ideal results in their patients, allowing the fortification and reactivating the structure of the cell in a fast and holistic manner.
    It consists of 2 antennas, a generator and a resonator. The intensity of the field that is generated between the generator and resonator can penetrate any living tissue and reactivate the cell’s structure.
    This equipment has an enormous advantage compared with classic homeopathic remedies, like droppers o globules, because it also allows you to transmit a treatment, whether it is a formula or homeopathic remedy, directly to the cell, meaning that in few sessions a patient can recuperate significantly or totally.
As a positive aspect using the AWO 500, its direct cell treatment coming from the generator and resonator have creates a secondary effect: rejuvenation.
    Another benefit that has been experimented with this magnificent equipment is that it induces relaxation. After one session, the patient remains in a relaxed state for various days. 
    For Chromotherapy, this tool is also magnificent because any color frequency can be emitted directly to the energetic field of the patient and the cell, generating the same benefits of the applied color.
Auras and chakras can also be treated, returning them to their natural state.
In a summary with the AWO 5000 it’s possible to:
1. - Directly treat cells.
2. - Efficiently and swiftly recuperate a patient’s health.
3. – Apply Remedies and Formulas
4. – Rejuvenate.
5. - Create a enduring relaxing effect.
6.- Apply Chromotherapy
7.- Treat Auras and Chakras.
    These radionics amplifiers are intended to amplify the strength and energy information generated by our computers, this means that a  group of frequencies can be transmitted directly from a computer with our software to the amplifiers and amplify these in order to  create an energy field between them.
    The amplifiers have 5 timers for taking the time to treatment from 15, 25, 35, 45 minutes and 1 hour and these are automatically turned off after time. You also have the option of continuous usage.

AWO 5000 - Amplifier and Wave Oscilator

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  • Product Code: AWO-5000
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