• Homoeonic Pendant

Higher Resonance, Reprogrammable and Portable.

Aside from being a translucid, discrete and simplistic art crafted pendant, its purpose is for personal therapy. 
Unlike programmable cards, the Homoeonic Pendant does not have to be protected from salts, fats, or acids that the sweat we produce carries and is less likely to be broken by accidentally pressing hard on it.


    • Programm it as you need for therapies without limit with our Mantra 1 or 2
    • Capable of storing over 20 rates.
    • Longer-life of programming

    How to Use it.

    • Insert the Homoeonic Pendant in the Output Cup
    • Ready the remedy in the instrument (either by manually dialling a single remedy or using a card with a complex one) or using the software.
    • Press the imprint Buton and

    Homoeonic Pendant

    • Brand: Homoeonic
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