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Remedy Maker Software


One Click - Human Body Analysis in less than a minute with detailed results

Start analyzing your patients and start creating treatments with this innovating tool

With the new Remedy Maker you can create your own remedies based on homeopathy, radionics or well your analysis results.

This product has an extensive rates database where you can copy rates from other remedies just by doing a few clicks... This machine & software is specially developed for creating a complete remedy and doing an automatic analysis so it has a friendly design that makes it fast and efficient on any task.

The software functions are: Automatic Analysis, Autosimile, Imprint, Neutralize, Copy, Direct Treatment, Potentiation, ECS Functions and much more..

The Remedy Maker is a whole new software where you can do an automatic analysis of your patient and you can imprint, create and develop your remedies without needing any other radionics instrument. This device is the result of 10 years of developing radionics machines as a company, the product is a sub-brand of the Homoeonic Company and it has been released in April after several months.

This software works pretty well because it uses an instrument and software to complete all the process of making a remedy.

So the system starts the order and the instrument do the rest, the remedy maker software is based in our top software called Homoeonic Software so it has all the power and the capability of a top radionics software with the difference of being more portable than other radionics devices in the market.

In the right-side we can see a little diagram demonstrating the main-use of the device:

But it isn't alone it has a powerful interface that enables you to use the software in a few clicks without being an expert or having knowledge about it, in the software we can find features like:

  • Autosimile function
  • Neutralize function
  • Imprint function
  • Direct Treatment
  • Complimentary Rate
  • Remedy Creation Center
  • Remedy Search Function
  • Automatic Analysis

Plus, if it isn't enough the Remedy Maker has an ECS Function giving you the chance to be able to copy, erase and save your remedies in a card so that will give you the chance to bring your remedies where ever you are just by carrying a single card in your pocket.

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