Homoeonic Software 5
Fast Response and Organization

It's specially developed to make a quick and effective analysis by detecting the imbalances of a body at any energetic level, just in a couple of seconds and getting amazing results.

The new Quantum Biofeedback Device

The Mantra is a Biofeedback Device which enables you to carry out biophysical tests, measuring the variation between the current state of the patient's health and an optimal state.

AWO 5000: Scalar Wave Therapy

The AWO 5000 is an impresive wave amplifying device that boots your direct treatment sessions and greatly enhance your patients natural healing system

Our Mission

Create the necessary instruments to restore the total health to those people who have lost it in any way.

We believe that all human beings, our brothers, deserve to be healthy in every way. There is no reason to live in illness or suffering, and for this we believe faithfully that God entrusted us with this important mission, to bring hope to all our brothers who suffer from some disease through our instruments.

Our equipment is manufactured solely for the purpose of restoring physical, mental and spiritual health and so we have put all our effort into that determination.

We hope that with the grace of God all of our clients benefit from the potential of our instruments by bringing total health to their lives and the lives of others. We believe fully in our mission and will always triumph because in God we trust.

Mantra Device